What real-life frights do your kids fear most?

Are your kids fear proof or do they run at the mere mention of something on the list below? If you could save them from their biggest fear, what would it be? I'd personally love to cut down on the screaming that happens anytime we come across a bug.

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  •   -   09/15/2018

    My boys are scared of bugs, especially if they see one in the house. I don't like them either so usually try to vacuum them up. But my kids will scream and squeal if they see one. I thought boys were supposed to like bugs too!

    •   -   09/16/2018

      I guess if you don't like bugs either it's lucky that your boys aren't super into them! I kind of like them (in their proper place), so it's sort of mystifying to me why my daughter is so afraid.

      •   -   09/18/2018

        My son has the coolest bug catcher with a magnifying glass (BugView by Carson). It really helped him get over his fear of spiders, but the down side is that now he chases me around the house with them.

        •   -   09/21/2018

          That looks really neat! We hatched a caterpillar from an egg and kept it in a tupperware this summer, which helped my daughter be a little more okay with caterpillars at least. I'll keep this in mind.

  •   -   09/18/2018

    My kids can pretty much handle anything we throw at them and we’ve thrown a lot in the short years they’ve been alive.

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