What is your favorite type of gift for your child to receive?

Do you think your kids have too many toys? Do you request that family members give your children experiences as gifts? Or do you love showering your children with the newest exciting toy on holidays? Let us know in the poll!

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  •   -   10/20/2018

    My kids are still little (2.5 and 5), and I still love when they get really thoughtful educational/ developmental toys!

  •   -   10/27/2018

    I picked "books," but truthfully I prefer my kids to have a variety! They're still very young, so I'm the one putting together wishlists for birthdays and holidays.... I tend to request a few clothing needs, some specific books, and some very specific Montessori-type toys that will last a long time. I would love experience gifts, but they're still too young to understand them. As they get older, I'm hoping to transition to more experiences. The last thing we need is more clutter!

  •   -   10/18/2018

    When they were younger, toys and books were at the top of the list as great gifts to receive. Now that my kids are both older and aren't playing with toys much anymore (sad), experiences, books and clothes are definitely what they want most! Annual memberships to the zoo or museums, tickets to performances or classes are always great too!

  •   -   10/18/2018

    My kids love a gift experience even if they don't admit it so I sometimes do both if they are not super expensive. I did get my son a NASA shuttle model set with 10 rockets for his last birthday and he does play with it daily. So I guess it's 50/50, toy and experience.

  •   -   10/19/2018

    I'm all about the experience gifts now. Yes I love to see my kids get when they unwrap a really cool toy but usually the toys are forgotten about after not too long. The experience gifts are not as fun to unwrap but I love that they create memories and family time with the experience gifts.

  •   -   10/25/2018

    I'm lucky that my toddler really loves clothes and shoes + has relatives that like to buy her cute outfits. I feel guilty when friends/family spend money on toys that sit around, but the clothing always gets used.

  •   -   11/04/2018

    I love the idea of gifting experiences. We have 4 months in a row of kid birthdays in our house. Oh, and toss Christmas in there for good measure, too. ;) So, we have a very concentrated season of gift-giving/receiving. Of course our kids like opening gifts, but a mix of "stuff" and experiences would be awesome!

  •   -   10/23/2018

    We love to get our kids experiences. In the past we’ve got tickets to a play/show or sporting event or weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. My kids, however, do not appreciate these types of gifts very much so its frustrating figuring out what to get them.

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