What is your favorite holiday?

My kids had a pretty in-depth debate (as siblings usually do) today about which holiday is their favorite. They had different favorites and different reasons for their picks. Surprisingly, their reasons had more to do with things we do together as a family for the holiday versus receiving presents, candy, etc. Listening to their discussion, it made me think about my favorite holiday and why I like it the most. I'm curious, what's your favorite holiday?

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  •   -   08/09/2018

    This one is tough for me! I absolutely love Christmas and all the excitement of the holiday, but for a parent, it also is a lot of work. The Fourth of July has become my favorite holiday lately. I love decorating and making festive foods. It's a great day to spend with family and friends, there are tons of events going on, you have the entire summer ahead and you can be outside. It's all FUN.

    •   -   08/09/2018

      I completely agree. I still love Christmas and it will always hold really wonderful memories, but I miss the days when I wasn't responsible for making all magic happen. I'm usually pretty burnt out by the time the New Year rolls around!

    •   -   08/10/2018

      Agree. Winter holidays (as I see it) seem to carry added pressure from many angles. July 4th is nothing but outdoor family fun, from morning till night.

  •   -   08/09/2018

    Don't get me wrong - I love Christmas, but I think Thanksgiving is my favorite. Togetherness, food, family...and none of the shopping and pressure.

    •   -   08/09/2018

      That is my husband’s! For those same reasons. Plus he likes all the food!

      •   -   08/11/2018

        Who doesn't like all that food?? Plus, pie for breakfast is totally acceptable when it's on Black Friday.

  •   -   08/08/2018

    I love Christmas! Although it is a crazy time, I like all the family time it brings!

  •   -   08/09/2018

    Growing up I had such fond memories of my family’s Christmas traditions. I loved the tradition more than the presents. Now as an adult, I hope I’m making those same memories for my kids.

  •   -   08/31/2018

    Birthdays have always been special in our family. I love being able to focus completely on celebrating one person at a time!

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