My kids are always coming up with reasons and excuses to delay bedtime. As a parent, bedtime can be difficult at the end of a long day and kids need their sleep, but they are always coming up with ways to stay up later. What is your child's most popular excuse to avoid getting their Zzzzs?

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  •   -   08/15/2018

    This is a good one! I just saw a funny post that read, "Dehydration before bed, the leading cause of toddler illnesses." Mine on the other hand, will bring 10 books into our room after we have tucked her in. We have to remind her just one book about every night.

  •   -   08/15/2018

    My 5 year old conveniently has to go #2 about 15 seconds after we get upstairs to start out bedtime routine.

    •   -   08/16/2018


    •   -   08/29/2018

      I was tempted to add bathroom to the list. My 2 year old waits until bedtime is totally done and we're walking out the door to scream "I gotta go potty!" Pretty much every night.

  •   -   08/16/2018

    I still "parent" my 2 & 5 yr olds to sleep, so no tears or procrastinating from them. I love spending time with them at the end of the day reading books, telling stories, and singing songs until they pass out... It's my big kids who creep out of their beds to tell me they are famished and need a bowl of cereal at 9:30 pm!

  •   -   08/15/2018

    Mine usually complain they aren't tired, and then promptly fall asleep 5 minutes after the lights go out. There's always a lot of talk about how "awake" they are during bedtime prep though :)

  •   -   08/17/2018

    I range from excuse to excuse, read more books, they are thirsty, can't find their stuffed animal etc. I used to think babies were hard to put to bed with nursing and diaper changes. But once kids can talk, that is when all the bedtime craziness really begins.

  •   -   08/16/2018

    I have one guilty kid out of my three when it comes to this. He will come out every night and ask question after question that can totally wait until the next day but he demands answers before bed.

  •   -   08/17/2018

    This is HILARIOUS. My daughter isn't old enough yet to have excuses, but I remember saying I was thirsty and needed water all the time when I was little. I would never get out of bed, I'd just yell "Moooom" until she answered :)

  •   -   09/06/2018

    FOMO. Serious fear of missing out. It doesn't matter what...he just thinks if he goes to sleep something exciting and fun might happen and he won't be there to see it!

  •   -   08/31/2018

    Can we an an 'all of the above' option?! I feel like they are good about rotating the excuses!

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