What is an appropriate age for TikTok?

Parents weigh in on the most appropriate age for TikTok, a popular social media platform that features clips of trendy songs, dance choreo, comedy shorts, and mesmerizing aesthetic videos that can summon hours of scrolling and sharing.

TikTok is officially intended for ages 13 and up, however many parents register an account and co-sign their little ones joining. Take the poll and tell us! What do you think?

What is the best age for TikTok? Please comment on any benefits or dangers of TikTok, too.

View a list of parental controls to help keep safe online for more parent-to-parent expert advice!

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  •   -   01/14/2021

    I am shocked at how user friendly TikTok is! You don't have to be tech-savvy at all to create the most intriguing videos (dance, art, baking, theatre, vlogs, etc.). I love how it's allowed my kids to express themselves. And, as a bonus, our accounts are set to "private" and "followers" are self limited to "family only."

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