What is a good age for kids to learn to ice skate?

How young did you start your kids? Did you do lessons or did you teach the little ones on your own?

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  •   -   01/08/2018

    What is a good age for an adult to learn to ice skate? Asking for a friend. :)

    •   -   01/30/2018

      I read about this somewhere. I think it said 41. Your friend should be fine. ;)

  •   -   01/31/2018

    My boys are evidence it completely depends on the kid! We haven't tried ice skating yet, but my 3yo has much better balance on roller skates than my 6yo.

  •   -   01/09/2018

    I'm struggling with this now. I have one kid who trips over his own feet on dry land and one who hates the cold but both want to play hockey. Ice skating at 4 and 6 is not going very well for us yet!

  •   -   03/30/2018

    We're still trying to master rollerskating first!

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