My daughter has been chomping at the bit for years to wear makeup on a daily basis. While we've let her play around with makeup at home, we haven't given her the green light to wear makeup to school until she began middle school earlier this year at the age of 11.

Thankfully, she has used her new freedom to go for a nice, natural look! What age do you think is good for your daughter to begin her journey into the world of makeup?

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  •   -   12/03/2018

    I think it depends on the child a little. I had no interest in makeup (my mom actually pushed me to try it when I was 13!) whereas my sister wanted to wear it from the age of 6 or so. I still like the idea of waiting til they're a teenager though!

    •   -   12/06/2018

      I agree. I think it should depend on the kid. My daughter is only 6 so we haven’t reached this stage yet, but I think when she starts asking, I’ll consider it. I do think junior high (7th grade actually) is a good minimum age though.

  •   -   12/07/2018

    SUCH a good topic! I'm a boy mom for now, but if I ever have a daughter I think it will depend on her interest. I didn't start wearing any makeup until I was around 14, and always felt self-conscious because I looked so much younger than my makeup-wearing friends. I think the emphasis should be on WHY we wear makeup so there's no feeling that she's not beautiful enough without it. If she wants to cover up some acne or add a little color to blonde eyelashes, that's one thing. But a full-face cover up and contouring isn't necessary at that age. Or any age, really! Just my two cents.

  •   -   12/04/2018

    Do we consider lipgloss makeup? My 7 year old wears it occasionally, but everything else will wait until Jr. High.

  •   -   12/03/2018

    This is a great question! I have so many conflicting thoughts on this topic. Thankfully, my daughter is only 2, so many of the toughest questions I don't have to worry about yet! Even at 2, my daughter wants to put on make-up. The conditioning starts early for us.

    •   -   12/27/2018

      I put 11-13 yrs as my answer, but my 3 year old already insists on wearing chapstick, nail polish and lotion.. so there's a good chance she'll wear me down.

  •   -   12/03/2018

    My 12yo niece just got to junior high this year and I think that's a good time--it's the age I was allowed to wear makeup, and when most other girls were, too.

  •   -   08/05/2019

    We are now faced with this question as my 11 year old just asked about it. So thanks for posting this topic!

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