Do you open gifts at a birthday party?

I can see good reasons to do it both ways, and have gone to plenty of kids birthday parties where it's done one way or the other (with the kids happy either way!), but I am curious to know where most parents fall on this question.

When you host a birthday party for your child, do you usually have them open their presents during the party so their guests can watch, or do you prefer to wait until the party is over?

Would love to know why you choose to do it one way or the other, too, if you're willing to share in the comments!

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  •   -   10/13/2022

    I prefer no gift opening at parties, though I do find that kids really like it.

  •   -   10/13/2022

    We’ve done it both ways, but tend to prefer waiting until after the party when things are calmer to open gifts. There’s always so much going on during the party that I like to save the gift opening for later, as a quiet extension of the celebration with just the family once the chaos of the party has passed. I also find that it makes it easier to keep track of who gave what for thank you cards, since there is less going on.

  •   -   11/03/2022

    Though I have done it both ways in which I feel waiting until after the party is SOOOOO much easier and alot more calmer, I kind of enjoy opening at the party that way the guest can see the excitement and feel the appreciation of their gift.

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