How often do your kids take a bath or shower?

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  •   -   03/02/2018

    We were doing 2-3 times per week, however, I upped her number of baths once she started becoming mobile at daycare.

  •   -   03/09/2020

    Daily bath because they daily poop!! I can’t imagine how they feel at the end of the day even if we as a parents keep them clean during the day and clean them very well after they use the restroom but they still need a good clean fresh bath daily.

    • Anonymous
        -   03/09/2020


  •   -   01/25/2019

    Mine are in elementary school and usually shower daily, but we go a few days in between hair washes.

  •   -   02/04/2019

    I have to add "ideally" here, because late afternoon activities and winter have us really stretching my every other day intentions. Luckily they're still young and haven't started to smell yet!

  •   -   02/01/2019

    My boys are at the age where daily showers are a must, especially when sports are added to the mix.

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