Now that I have three school-aged children, the birthday party invites are rolling in! Since my children are still rather young, I was wondering how much others spend on birthday gifts for a child?

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  •   -   08/16/2021

    For more distant kids we spend 30$,for less distant (but still not close) 40$ and for friend's kids wo do 60$ + Everyone around us do the same.

  •   -   03/03/2018

    This is a great question! I never know. Sometimes it depends on if it's a good friend or someone from school who my child doesn't know very well.

    •   -   03/05/2018

      I try to consider this too. If my child has been invited simply because he is part of the class I don't spend more than $15. If it's an actual friend then I'll spend about $20.

      •   -   03/21/2021

        Same for me, I definitely spend a little more on closer friends. And I try to shop around a bit for the best price.

      •   -   03/08/2018

        I usually do the same. But the spending can add up quickly if you get a lot if invites!

    •   -   03/03/2018

      Thanks Katie! I am having a hard time knowing what to spend so your feedback is helpful!

  •   -   03/04/2018

    I always try to combine a book and a toy as a gift. I feel kids always need an extra book to read.

  •   -   08/16/2019

    After moving from the midwest to the west coast, I will say that the amount does seem to be regional! It's about $5-$10 more in our new area.

  •   -   07/13/2022

    I normally save $5 by insisting that the child invited to the party must make the card. That's the deal: parents buy the present; kid's in charge of the card.

    •   -   08/11/2022

      Yes, we do the same! I have sticker shock every time I buy a card, and I'd rather put that money toward the gift. Homemade cards are more fun, anyway.

  •   -   03/12/2018

    I usually try to spend about 20 or a touch less. There are so many birthday parties and so many kids, that seems quite enough to me!

  •   -   04/27/2022

    I typically spend $20 for a classmate, and $30 for a good friend's child or close friend of one of my children.

  •   -   05/18/2023

    I aim for $20-25, but am willing to go a little under or over if we find a gift we think the birthday kid will really like.

  •   -   09/10/2019

    We have decided on 20 to 25. That seems to be the going rate around here for parties. However, we will spend more for family.

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