How much does the tooth fairy give?

Times are changing. Do we adjust for inflation?! I wonder, what's the going rate for the Tooth Fairy these days?

After your child loses a tooth, how much money do you typically leave under the pillow?

Add your vote to the poll to help us all see how much the Tooth Fairy gives these days, and consider sharing where you live in the comments so we can note any regional trends!

Our list of tooth fairy ideas is gathering even more tips from fellow parents about easy ways celebrate that lost tooth, so be sure to check it out as well and weigh in with your comments.

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  •   -   12/23/2017

    I'm embarrassed to admit what I gave my 6yo for his first lost tooth. We live right outside NYC and teeth go for a ridiculous amount up here!

  •   -   12/26/2017

    Two of my kids have lost their first tooth due to accident/injury, so the tooth fairy gave them a considerable amount ($10) for their pain and suffering. Now my kids get two shiny gold dollar bills for each tooth. You can go to the bank and buy a roll of them and always have them on hand so you don't have to worry about having dollar bills for tooth fairy money.

    •   -   03/03/2019

      I also started leaving gold dollar coins after the first high payout. My son seems happy!

  •   -   08/23/2018

    My husband decided on $5. Little did he know we were going to have six kids. I told him it should have been a $1!!!

  •   -   12/23/2017

    I often wonder this myself! My son only passes along the stories that he hears of the tooth fairy's most generous payouts, but I guess it turns out those are the exception :)

  •   -   12/27/2017

    My husband and I agreed on $5 for the first tooth to make it special but then $1 after that.

  •   -   12/29/2017

    Am I the only one who needs an option for zero dollars? My currently-7-year-old opted to keep all his teeth rather than trade with the tooth fairy (not sure he realizes it's mom and dad who'd do the cash-for-teeth swap!). Makes it easier on me, since I don't have to hide them after collecting ;-)

    •   -   01/17/2018

      As a child, I was also hesitant to part with my teeth. So, I wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking her to please leave my teeth...AND the money! It worked :)

    •   -   03/28/2018

      My kids also refuse to part with their teeth for Tooth Fairy cash. I agree it makes my life easier, but it also means I occasionally find a rogue tooth laying around one of their bedrooms!

    •   -   01/02/2018

      That is adorable!

  •   -   01/30/2018

    Our tooth fairy leaves pixie sticks and now & laters. Anyone else? Haha, just kidding. Our little ones are still holding onto all of their original chompers, but this is good to know for the future.

  •   -   12/22/2017

    I gave $5 the first few times and the kids put it in their bank accounts. I now give a dollar or two, I actually need to stash some dollars at home to have on-hand so the Tooth Fairy is always ready!

  •   -   03/16/2021

    I typically leave $2 per tooth, however I increase the amount when my kids have had to get teeth extracted at the dentist. My youngest now needs three teeth extracted due to adult teeth coming in crooked and is expecting a big payout from the tooth fairy!

  •   -   01/12/2021

    $5 for the first one and $2 for the 2nd one.

  •   -   08/08/2021

    My daughter did get like 7$ for her front teeth but a couple of dollars for the others. Of course there is NOTHING like running to the ATM AND THEN to the grocery for change at 10 pm because someone got brave enough to pull that loose one out at bed time!!! Lol

  •   -   09/10/2019

    We do $5 for the first tooth and 1 dollar after that. However, if we are unprepared, it is has been known to be more or less.

  •   -   09/20/2022

    In our house, the tooth fairy is more generous for first teeth, or teeth the kids pull out on their own or which involve any extra pain or suffering. We typically end up somewhere between $1 and $5 a tooth, though my daughter once had three teeth pulled at once and got a $20 payout for those!

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