Kids have so many varied interests these days, and it seems like there's a program for every one of them! How many organized sports do your kids play, if any?

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  •   -   05/01/2018

    My boys haven't decided on a major passion yet, so they aren't on any teams. I have one interested in soccer & one in baseball, but they just play for fun at home.

  •   -   05/03/2018

    Two kids + two sports a piece is pretty much all I can manage time-wise. My older son is doing three right now and it's just a crazy time. Unless there's a need to do three, we're going back to just two a season.

    •   -   05/06/2018

      That does sound crazy, especially trying to coordinate practices and games.

  •   -   05/06/2018

    How old are they? I think introducing kids to team sports at a young age can be very beneficial for them. A lot of places start teams as young as 3.

  •   -   05/06/2018

    I would say my kids dabble between 2-3 sports per year. Both my boys play travel baseball so they are locked to that one sport for the spring/summer season. We definitely enourage our kids to try as many sports as possible to see what they like. My daughter is currently doing dance, soccer and softball. Jugglimg three kids sports schedules can get pretty exhausting!

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