How many recesses does your elementary school have?

I saw a discussion on social media the other day about whether parents preferred elementary schools to have one long recess or two shorter ones. My sons' school gives them two 15 minute breaks, while in our previous town they had only one longer recess. I know my kids prefer to get outside twice a day, even if the time is shorter.

How many times a day do your elementary school children have recess? Do you like your school's schedule or do wish they planned recess differently?

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  •   -   11/29/2018

    Wait for it...our school actually gives THREE recesses for younger kids! But, as kids get older, they taper down to two, and then one by the time they are in 4th or 5th grade. It's worked very well for our kids.

    •   -   11/30/2018

      What?! My kids would flip over for three recesses. I love that your school still gives the younger kids that time to play and get their energy out.

      •   -   11/30/2018

        Agreed, I think it's really smart, as kids need to get out and move during the day!

    •   -   11/03/2022

      whe only get one recesses

  •   -   12/26/2018

    Wow, I wish they had two recesses in our schools. Recess is done and gone by 6th grade (middle school) which is sad, but even in the younger grades they only get one recess and don't even get to go outside if it's too cold or snowy in the winter.

  •   -   11/27/2018

    Wow two recesses! My kids would love that. They only get 20 minutes to eat their lunch and 15 minutes outside for recess. Not very much free time in my opinion.

    •   -   11/27/2018

      A day with two recesses is a game changer. My older boy was rushing through his lunch in kindergarten because he was so antsy to get outside for his only recess. Now he has lunch after one recess and he actually eats.

      •   -   01/12/2019

        My daughter is in K this year and has recess before lunch. Comes home with her lunch empty every day. Genius idea!

        •   -   01/12/2019

          I love that our school does recess before lunch. Such a smart move and it shows that they recognize how kids are.

  •   -   11/27/2018

    My kids have one recess after lunch each day. They go outside as long as the weather is decent and play games inside on bad weather days. I think 2 recess periods is a good idea as kids have shorter attention spans and a morning and afternoon break would probably help kids be better students, and less antsy.

  •   -   01/12/2019

    My kids only have one recess (two kids after lunch and one before lunch). If the weather is too cold or snowing or raining, they have to stay in class for indoor recess. Not enough time in my opinion.

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