How many gifts does Santa bring each kid in your family?

This year I want to abide by the four gift rule: Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. However, I'd also like to do some gifts from Santa. They'll get stockings filled, but then how many gifts should Santa bring? One? Two? More? Tell me how your family does it.

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  •   -   11/14/2018

    My kids usually ask Santa for one specific toy they really want, whether it's a big item or not. We also talk about how we want to be fair and not ask for too many things since Santa has so many kids to gift ;-)

  •   -   11/14/2018

    I think I’ve been living under rock or something, as I’ve never heard of the four gift rule - but I like it!!!

    •   -   11/14/2018

      I love this rule, but - of course - I don't follow it. I tend to go overboard for Christmas!

  •   -   12/30/2018

    This year, each of our kids received five gifts from Santa, plus stocking stuffers. Except for the newborn. Santa prorated his gifts. ;)

  •   -   12/31/2018

    My family wasn't planning on doing Santa, but my 3 year old decided at 6 pm Christmas Eve that she needed to put things out for the reindeer and then couldn't sleep because Santa was definitely coming (thanks preschool teachers). We let her put a carrot out and wrapped up an unopened box of cookies and a few other things as gifts from Santa. She was delighted.

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