How long does your toddler's bedtime routine take?

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  •   -   01/31/2018

    Thanks to the Baby Wise book I read and re-read for all my babies, my kids are now great sleepers. Brush teeth, quick story and they're asleep.

    •   -   02/01/2018

      Yes yes yes! Ours is ten minutes, tops. No fighting or whining, just some nice bonding time and then off to sleep! Babywise was a game changer for us when he was waking up 9 times a night around age 1. Never again.

      •   -   03/07/2018

        Clearly I should have had this book. Has anyone tried Toddlerwise or Preschoolwise in this series? Are they worth getting for a well behaved, but very shy and attached 2.5 year old that hates sleeping by herself? The book previews don't give away much.

  •   -   08/16/2018

    We have pretty much had the same bedtime routine since our kids were born. Of course, we have slightly altered it as they have grown over the years, but overall we do the same thing each night. Our bedtime routine takes around forty-five minutes including cleaning up toys and bath time (we can also expedite this time if needed). This fool-proof bedtime routine helps our toddlers go down easy for bedtime with no fights, tantrums, or getting out of bed. We have found, that for us, the key is consistency. Our kids know exactly what to expect each day and we hit all five senses through our routine in the process. Plus, we have a super cute printable I created where they can check things off the list as we go throughout the night. You can grab your FREE PRINTABLE and see our bedtime routine here >>

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