Parents are recommending the best backyard water toys for outdoor fun in the sun this summer! These are some cool ideas for making a huge splash at pool required.

From sprinklers and inflatables to blasters and sprayers, we're collecting all of the best finds for turning your backyard into an epic water park. It's a great addition to the family summer bucket list!

Help us grow the list by sharing your tried and true favorite water toys for kids. Which ones has your family loved?

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    Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:  Slip N Slides are the ultimate backyard water toys for kids, and this double slide brings double the fun. Easy for parents to install, water your lawn while the kids are playing and having fun. Kids will burn a lot of energy running around, too! Tip: add dish soap to make the slide extra slippery!

    Backyard Splash Pad

    Kristy Pepping:  An at-home splash pad is one of the best outdoor water toys for toddlers and older. We just bought this splash pad sprinkler; it's great for staying cool, keeping the kids entertained while outside, and is a fun way to play in zero-depth water. If you are looking for something a little more than a sprinkler, but a little less maintenance than filling up and inflating a blow-up pool, I recommend this. You can hook it up to a hose and control how much water pressure depending on how high you want the sprayers.

    Max Liquidator Water Blasters

    Shila:  We love foam blasters because they are so lightweight and simple for kids to use independently. Refilling these squirt "guns" with water is a breeze and it can shoot water up to 30 feet! These are super fun backyard water toys for kids and parents. And unlike traditional squirt guns that are typically made of heavier material, these foam blasters float in water making them some of the best pool toys for kids, too!

    Bunch O Balloons

    Shila:  It is easy to fill up tons of these water balloons all at once for an epic water balloon fight. These make great party favors for summer birthdays, too!

    Inflatable Swimming Pool

    Shila:  Inflatable swimming pools for the backyard are always a popular summer item! Be sure to purchase an electronic air pump, too. You'll be able to inflate the kiddie pool in less time it takes to manually pump it yourself.

    Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table

    Nancy L.:  Splash and Play Activity Tables are ideal outdoor water toys for toddlers and little kids. They offer up hours of imaginative fun with friends or alone. These types of backyard water toys take up minimal space, too, and can even be brought inside for sensory play with some creative water table ideas!

    Rotating Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler

    Shila:  A lawn sprinkler can do double duty and entertain your kids on a hot sunny day! Some lawn sprinklers come with pretty cool features that kids love too. This Buyplus lawn sprinkler can cover about 3,600 feet and also comes with an adjustable 360-degree head that mists, simulates rainfall, sprays water in varying (wiggly!) directions, and more. Kids love to jump in and out of this aquatic maze!

    Trampoline Sprinklers

    Shila:  Having a trampoline is considered one of the best backyard toys for kids, right? How do you top that? Introducing the trampoline sprinkler and misting system for backyard water play! It's a durable hose that fits to wrap around your trampoline and sprays water for extra entertainment. This trampoline sprinkler is easy to install and offers a multi-use opportunity for watering the lawn, too.

    Inflatable Water Park

    Shila:  This inflatable water park features a built-in water slide, climbing wall, and splash pool! Invest in one of these ultimate at-home water parks and you can enjoy backyard water fun year after year.

    Waterfall Discovery Wall

    Age 18+ months

    Shila:  This waterfall maze and discovery wall is one of the coolest outdoor water toys for toddlers and preschool kids. Fill a cup of water and pour it through various cups, tunnels and maze pieces. These types of backyard water toys provide hours of intrigue.

    Giant Unicorn Sprinkler

    Shila:  Gigantic inflatable yard sprinklers for kids are super fun and joyful. Make a memorable splash this summer! There are dozens of "sprinkler characters" to choose, like this unicorn that shoots water from its horn.

    Outdoor Rainbow Sprinkler

    Age 18+ months

    Shila:  These enormous water sprinklers for kids are large and in charge, and that's why we love them. Simply inflate and attach the hose to make a steady rainfall. Filling the clouds at the base with water helps to secure its footing on the ground.

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