Everyone has a different nightly bedtime routine for their kiddos. Reading stories, rocking, singing songs and lying down with our kids are just some of the things we parents do to make falling asleep easier for our littles. On average, how long does your child's bed time routine take each night?

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  •   -   02/27/2018

    Wow this has changed so much now that my kids are older!

    •   -   03/03/2018

      Agree with that!

  •   -   05/31/2018

    With bath time it's a longer routine, but once my daughter is out of the tub and in her jammies, it usually just takes one book and a bottle to get her sleepy!

  •   -   03/03/2018

    My boys are older (9.5 and almost 8) so we send them to bed on their own. My daughter is 5 and requires a short story, quick kiss and hug and then I'm out. My kids have always been great sleepers and easy to put to bed.

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