How long do you allow your child(ren) to play on electronics?

Just wondering what other parents do. My kids (10 and 13) are only allowed on Friday nights, Saturday and Sundays until 9. 11 pm its off though and they aren't supposed to be on before 8, but I know they are up at 7 and on most morning.

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  •   -   03/16/2019

    We're trying to figure this out! We don't usually allow screen time (except for homework) during the week, and try to limit to 1-2 hours on weekends, though if we watch movies or play video games as a family we don't usually count that time! It's an ongoing dance to try and find a good balance.

  •   -   03/16/2019

    Great question, Becky! I need to limit Dylan more on the PS4 because he is seriously getting addicted to it. Devon prefers the tablet. But now that the weather is improving, we should be able to play outside more which means less time for electronics.

  •   -   03/17/2019

    This is such a tough topic. We have the Circle app which limits my kids electronic time, but they keep finding games that aren’t counted by Circle so they are getting more time without me realizing. Then there’s TV, video games and computer time for homework. It’s a hard thing to monitor with three kids and we’re still trying to figure it out!

  •   -   03/20/2019

    This is getting to be more challenging as video games and tablets becoming more intriguing to my kids. I try to limit the video games/tablets to about 20 minutes a day during the week but there are days, snow days especially, where all the limits go out the windows.

  •   -   04/17/2019

    It honestly depends on the day. In the summer, we have a very strict limit of just an hour or less. There are plenty of other activities they could be doing outside. However, if they have a random day off of school and it is raining or cold outside, I let them use it more. I still need to get my work done and as much as I hate to say it, an ipad acts like a babysitter at times. Although I have parental controls set up and do check up on what they are doing on those devices.

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