How far are you willing to travel for kids' activities?

Having lived in a rural area for all of my childhood and being limited to what was nearby, I'm curious as to how far parents are willing to travel for their kiddos to find fun activities and events. I'm almost embarrassed to say that I've driven upwards of two hours to get my kids to fun activities with their peers! Regularly, however, what kind of trips are you willing to make?

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  •   -   09/19/2018

    I try not to make regular trips longer than an hour or so, and that's for homeschool get-togethers, local museums, and recurring events. Sometimes we go farther, but only if it's a must-do event or activity!

  •   -   09/19/2018

    Most of the events and attractions we go are within a 30-60 minute drive, however with traffic, it could be more. But, we also have a lot of options within 10-15 minutes. We are in the Philly metro area so have a lot of choices. But for special visits or vacation, I will drive farther, such as Washington DC or the Poconos.

  •   -   09/19/2018

    It really depends on the activity or event. We have a lot of things close to us but have been known to drive an hour or two for a special event/outing....just depends on how important the event or activity is to our family.

  •   -   09/20/2018

    We're in a rural suburb too, so everywhere we want to go is a minimum 20 minute drive. I actually enjoy the time together in the car! It's a great chance to chat and interact without distractions, if you take the opportunity to be intentional.

  •   -   09/21/2018

    We have a lot going on where we live or within a 20-30 min drive. We will definitely drive further for special events on the weekends.

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