How do you monitor your child’s cell phone or device?

My oldest daughter just got a cell phone. I am trying to figure out how best to monitor her activity on it. I am wondering how other parents handle this. If your child has a cell phone or other electronic device, what is your favorite way to monitor their activity on it?

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  •   -   09/12/2018

    My kids have tablets, but they really only use them when either me or my husband are right there. Plus, I install and maintain all the apps, so they can't do anything too crazy.

  •   -   09/03/2018

    My kids don't have their own phone yet, but they take mine all the time! I check on what they are watching, which is usually YouTube, cartoons or something from Amazon Prime. Sometimes I will make them turn off videos/shows if I don't feel they are appropriate. My oldest will get a phone in a year or so, and then I will probably use some type of app that controls what he can watch.

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