How do you get your kids to do their chores?

One of the big chores in our house is cleaning up after yourself. This includes keeping your room clean and putting things away after you are done playing with them. As much as my kids know this is expected of them, I feel this is a constant battle. So I am curious how do you ensure chores are done around your house?

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  •   -   04/02/2018

    My kids are young and need constant reminding to clean up after themselves. I'm hoping that after another year or two of this my older boy will ease into a routine where he can be assigned a few things and will do them without me nagging him. Wishful thinking?

  •   -   04/02/2018

    My kids don't have specific chores, but they help clean up and will do specific tasks if I ask. They do like to help if they can.

  •   -   04/03/2018

    We use a chore chart with a daily sticker and weekly 'prize' for completion for my 3 year old. Works like a charm!

  •   -   04/03/2018

    Although we don't exactly relate chores to allowances, my kids are expected to do certain tasks each week and then we "pay" them for being a part of the family. As they've gotten older, they've been better about doing their regular chores without being asked (clean plates, push in chair, make bed, take out trash, etc). Now, I would love it if someone could teach my husband how to pick up after himself! :)

  •   -   01/09/2019

    I put in my time struggling with my kids to get their chores done when they were younger. Now it is paying off (so stick with it, Moms & Dads!). Saturday mornings after breakfast my big kids (12 & 13 yrs) grab cleaning rags and get to work without me saying a thing. They each have a "helper" (one of the younger kids, 2 & 5). Daily chores are just part of daily life - they do it and move on.

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