How do you do back to school shopping?

When I go shopping for back to school supplies, I buy things each week as they go on sale. I try to wait for when notebooks and folders are under a quarter and when markers, glue sticks and colored pencils can be bought for $.50! Getting a little bit of the list at a time really helps with my sanity and budget. I get the best deals and I don't have to pay for it all at once. With 5 school age kids this year, I need all the help I can get!

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  •   -   07/25/2018

    Whoa, what a great idea! I get such satisfaction from checking stuff off of my to-do list that I often prioritize being done over finding good deals, but markers and colored pencils for $.50??? That is a deal worth waiting for!!

  •   -   07/25/2018

    I've bought the supply kits in the past for the convenience factor, but this year we're changing schools and the kit was so pricey that I think I can do better. Plus, I already have many of the things on the list and I'd rather not buy them again. I think I'm going to go for the approach of buying things as I find them on sale, so I don't minimize my savings by needing to pay full price for most things.

  •   -   07/26/2018

    I love shopping bit by bit, and with sales it makes the overall costs lower. I hate spending a ton at once, plus a few items at a time really get the kids excited for school!

    •   -   07/27/2018

      That's a good point, it does extend the excitement of getting ready for a new school year!

  •   -   08/01/2018

    Time is not on my side during the summer and dragging my boys to a store (even Target) is a nightmare. I bought all my stuff at once just so I can be done. I didn't want to have to find the time to go out again and find the best deals. I priced everything out and I still saved a ton of money buying my own instead of the pre-packaged box.

  •   -   08/03/2021

    I buy extra items whenever I see a good sale. Having extra supplies to send in later in the year is nice and not paying full price is my favorite.

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