Have you ever taken away presents for bad behavior?

Everyone has different ways of dealing with bad behavior. Would you ever refuse to let a child unwrap or open a new toy or take away a toy they recently received as a punishment?

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  •   -   12/28/2018

    Ugh. I did this today. I hated to but I felt I had to. My 5 year old got a double Stomp Rocket as a Christmas present and first day he used it he wasn't paying attention and launched a rocket in the face of my 7 year old. We talked, he told me he understood he couldn't set off his rocket when someone else was loading theirs but today he did just that and my 7 year old got a rocket to the ear. I took the gift away for the day and told him he'll get it back tomorrow. I don't take stuff away because of typical bad behavior but when someone's safety is at risk it's better that the toy takes a timeout.

    •   -   12/28/2018

      Yup, safety concerns is definitely one of the top reasons we'll use punishment as a consequence.

  •   -   12/27/2018

    Overall, my kids earn stuff for their good behavior, so a few moments of less-than-stellar judgment won't take away from the fact that they've earned whatever it is I was going to give them. We don't exactly do "punishment" in our house anyway, though.

    •   -   12/27/2018

      Agreed, we try as much as possible to use positive reinforcement for good behavior, and only resort to “punishment” minimally (when the behavior truly warrants it)!

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