Does your family play April Fools pranks on each other?

Growing up, my Mom always used to do fun April Fools Day pranks on me and my brother, and we would also try and prank her and my Dad. Now that I have kids who are getting older, my boys get more excited about April Fools Day than Christmas! My oldest researches and plans out his pranks and then gets up early in the morning to set them up. My husband and I also like to come up with fun tricks for the kids (carrots in the Cheetos bag).

Do you pull April Fools Day pranks on your kids? And do your kids prank you? If so, add to our growing list of April Fool's pranks for kids!

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  •   -   04/04/2018

    We love a good prank in our family. We set up some ground rules though: the pranks have to be funny and not mean, and MUST be parent approved. That means they have to clear their pranks with at least 1 parent first. This April Fool's Day was spent with their cousins, so quite a few pranks were played throughout the day on parents and kids alike :)

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