Does your child pass out Valentines for their classmates?

I have three kids in elementary school and the fifth graders at our school do not exchange Valentines. Instead, they have a dance. So I am curious if your child passes out school Valentines or not to their classmates?

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  •   -   01/02/2019

    That is so cute the 5th graders have a dance. I love that idea! Valentines are passed out and ridiculous, time-consuming valentines boxes are made at our school.

    •   -   01/02/2019

      Hahaha! I forgot about the boxes! Ugh I will have two to make this year. Time to start eating cereal in mass quantities so I have boxes!

  •   -   01/02/2019

    I love the tradition of passing out Valentine's cards at school. It is a cute way to spread friendship and love and make every child included. Our school also does a party (I'm a homeroom mom) which is extra fun. My kids love coming home and looking through all their cards and little gifts.

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