Does the leprechaun visit your house?

For the past several years, before St. Patrick's Day, my kids have asked if the leprechaun is going to come visit our house. As I understand it, it is kind of like the Elf on the Shelf where the leprechaun does silly things and brings kids goodies. Unfortunately, the leprechaun has never visited our house and I don't think he ever will.

Does the leprechaun come to your house? If so, what does he do?

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  •   -   03/04/2019

    I used to do things like the green food coloring in the toilet and green marker (erasable) on the mirrors. Honestly it was one of those things I started because the kids made leprechaun traps in preschool and other families were doing things at home. Now that my kids are older we stopped doing it and I'm just fine with that!

    •   -   03/05/2019

      Yes, we can blame preschool for starting this trend. 😂

  •   -   03/03/2019

    I don't go overboard but I do a few tricks to make it look like the leprechaun came. No presents for the kids, just a few gold coins.

    •   -   03/04/2019

      Yup! Green food coloring in the toilet is always a huge hit!

      •   -   03/15/2019

        OK, I think I can manage that!

    •   -   03/05/2019

      I'm impressed with everyone; I don't have it in me to add another holiday ;) I do think it's cute that the kids always make leprechaun traps at school though!

  •   -   03/13/2019

    Last year, the leprechaun set up a treasure hunt around our house. I anticipate that the kiddos will probably expect that he will do that again this year. ;)

  •   -   03/14/2019

    A few drops of green food color secretly in the bottom of their cup before you pour the milk in front of them... and just watch their eyes!

    •   -   03/15/2019

      Oh wow, expert tip!! Can’t wait to try this in a couple of days! 😃

  •   -   03/04/2019

    This is an interesting concept and I think this year I will do something special. The kids' preschool did a leprechaun scavenger hunt type of thing and the kids found coins at the end. My kids always enjoyed it.

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