Do you throw your child a birthday party with friends every year?

Kids love celebrating their birthdays, but some birthday party themes can involve a lot of effort and expense, especially for families with multiple kids! This year, for my youngest child's birthday we are using the money we would have spent on a party to plan a special experience for our family in celebration of her special day.

How does your family do birthdays? Parties with friends every year, sometimes, or never?

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  •   -   01/13/2019

    We vary each year between a proper party and a more low-key celebration, though as the kids get older they are increasingly choosing the more non-traditional celebration, such as taking a few friends somewhere special, like a theme park.

  •   -   01/13/2019

    This is a good question! I think for us, it will vary from year to year. Our oldest turned 6 in December. We have had birthday parties with friends for him a couple times in the past. This year, it seemed that the kids in his kindergarten class with birthdays earlier in the year did not have kid parties (at least not ones in which they invited the whole class), so we followed this trend. He was happy with a family party and a special family day!

  •   -   01/14/2019

    We used to either meet up places with friends, or we'd do stuff just as a family. But at home now we have the space for parties, and my kids love having friends over and coming up with goodie bag ideas. So we're planning on sticking with parties with friends more than not!

  •   -   01/15/2019

    We always let our kids decide if they want a party. My oldest loves the attention and cute, little party games so he has consistently had a party every year with a ton of kids. My middle guy never really liked all the attention and didn't want to write thank you cards for a ton of gifts (seriously, this is what he says), so he has usually opted for something more low key with just a friend or two. My youngest seems to like the idea of parties and having lots of friends so that's what we've done for her. My husband tells the kids every birthday if they decide to not have a party then they will get a bigger present than if they have a party.

  •   -   01/23/2019

    Great question! My older boy is at the age where his friends and classmates are varying between traditional parties with friends versus a special experience. I broached the option last year but he wasn't interested. It was our first year in a new town and he wanted a party with his new friends, which I understood. I plan to give him the option again this year. I'd love to hear what he picks for a special outing!

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