Do you pick your kids' friends?

We know that before a certain age, kids won't necessarily go make friends on their own. But once they do, do you maintain some control over who their friends are, or let them at it?

With so much bullying and negativity in kids' lives today, how do you handle the kids closest to yours?

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  •   -   08/21/2018

    We homeschool and my kids are young, so ultimately I control who they can potentially be friends with based on classes they take and groups we join- so I'm curious to know how parents with public school kids feel about and handle their kids' friendships.

  •   -   08/30/2018

    I love this poll! It is so important that kids are surrounded by supportive friends who nurture the rights proclivities! Glad to see I'm not alone in encouraging certain friendships.

  •   -   08/24/2018

    For the most part my kids pick their own friends. Some of there friends are from when they were young and I was in the moms group so I guess I picked them then. Now that they are all in school they definitely have their own say. We will cut out the friends who are a bad influence on them.

  •   -   09/14/2018

    This is a tough one. I try to let them pick their own friends and usually their judgment is great. However, I saw my oldest daughter being bullied by her so called friends. So I called her attention to this and found new friends for her.

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