Do you let your child pick out their own clothes from the store?

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  •   -   01/16/2018

    My young girls (currently under 6) trust and love everything I buy and offer them to wear so long as the clothing contains minimal traces of the following colors: black, grey or boring beige.

    •   -   01/16/2018

      Ha Shilpa! I get it! I have three girls and my kids are fine with me choosing their clothes as well. But nothing can be "too itchy" so I normally take them along to buy winter sweaters.

  •   -   04/04/2018

    Three of my four kids could not care less about what clothes they wear, so I buy everything for them. My fashionista has always been picky about what she wears, so I don't even bother shopping for her unless she is with me!

  •   -   01/12/2018

    I have two boys (9 and 7) who still let me pick out what they wear each day. And I have a 5yo daughter who doens't really care what she wears either. I have a feeling that will change as she gets older though.

  •   -   04/17/2018

    My boys could care less what they wear but I do get them things they like and will wear. My youngest loves sweatpants so has about 8 pairs. I do buy fun shirts with things on them that they like, and still buy matching pjs (ages 7 and 9). For shoes, they come with me to try on.

  •   -   03/04/2018

    We enjoy going to the shops and buying clothes together, however my son and daughter are only interested if the clothes are super heroes related!

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