Do you give out goody bags for your child's birthday party?

I am curious who does or does not give out goody bags after a birthday party. My kids are getting older and a lot of the plastic toys they receive from parties they never use. So I am debating skipping goody bags for the next birthday we are hosting. What do you all do?

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  •   -   12/04/2018

    I usually try to have a craft or activity for the kids to do during the party, and then they take home what they've made. So in the past we've done bracelets, ceramic piggy banks, decorated hats, etcetera.

  •   -   12/05/2018

    We do goody bags after every party. My kids seem to love them and enjoy giving them out. Now that they are getting older, I have them help pick out what to put in the bags. One year we gave out gift cards to a local ice cream store after my son's pool party. That seemed to be a hit!

  •   -   12/27/2018

    Of the three birthdays we've had, the first was an outing with one baby friend + parents, the second was a party with around 10 kids, the third was all family where the only kids were two cousins. We did goody bags for the party, but not the others. I feel like the style of party and number of kids sets the expectation.

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