Did you use most of the items you packed in your hospital bag?

I read tons of lists before I gave birth and had my hospital bag well stocked and ready to go before I gave birth. However, thinking back to it now, I can't think of a single item I used besides a change of clothes for me and baby. How about you? Were you over packed or was it all essential?

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  •   -   12/27/2018

    I didn't pack much except for snacks, clothes for me and the baby, and a toiletry kit, and I used all of it! I also didn't pack the bag in advance, since my list was pretty simple.

  •   -   12/28/2018

    I packed SO MUCH stuff for our first. By our 4th, I threw a bag together when I was already in labor that consisted mostly of toiletries and a phone charger. That was really all I needed.

  •   -   12/27/2018

    With my first, I packed last minute because of Braxton Hicks for several days and didn't think I was actually going to give birth when I went in. So I brought only the essentials and did use everything. I also went into early labor with my second and pretty much just threw a last minute bag together. In hindsight, I would have prepared more in advance, but both kids were born a couple weeks early.

  •   -   12/31/2018

    Unlike most first time moms, I was NOT overprepared for the hospital. My baby came a week early and we hadn't made a bag yet! Thankfully I lived 10 minutes from the hospital so as we needed things my parents could bring us anything from home.

  •   -   12/28/2018

    For sure no! I way over packed. No one told me they give you diapers, outfits, wipes and even pacifiers so I really did not need to bring as much as I did. The second and third time I did a way better job of preparing.

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