Did you and your significant other go out for Valentine's Day?

Wondering who was actually able to get away from the kids and celebrate V Day! My husband and I were not so lucky! ;)

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  •   -   02/19/2019

    Yes, but not on Valentine's Day itself. My parents were able to watch our kids for a few hours the Saturday after Valentine's Day. Our dates are far & few between so we are really thankful to have some kid-free time together!

  •   -   02/19/2019

    Ha, I'm glad to see so many of us are in the same boat! I barely even saw my husband that day, though that was partly because I had the flu ;)

    •   -   02/19/2019

      Oh no, that's the worst! Man it's been such a terrible winter for flu. I hope you're feeling better now!

  •   -   02/20/2019

    It does make me feel better that my husband and I weren't the only ones to not celebrate by going out that night!

    •   -   02/20/2019

      Looks like pretty much no one did! Haha!

  •   -   02/19/2019

    All three of my kids had sports that night. :(

  •   -   02/24/2019

    We did not go out. We did pick up cupcakes from the local cupcake store, which was a fun treat. :)

    •   -   02/25/2019

      Glad you got to celebrate in some way! Going out on a weekday is difficult anyway ;)

  •   -   02/28/2019

    We took a family trip to Magic Kingdom! We got to go on one roller coaster ride kid-free, so it was like a 15 minute date :) The trip just happened to line up with Valentine's Day. We don't usually do anything.

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