Here is a cute list of Valentine's Day ideas for kids and your family to celebrate at home. From heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast to delivering meaningful valentine gifts to those we cherish, here are some adorable ways to mark the day of love and appreciation in a special way.

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    Daily Heart Love Notes

    Kelly R.:  We fill our kids' bedroom doors with little heart-shaped notes, with one thing we love about the child written on each heart. My husband and I sit down and make a bunch of them in advance, and then attach one to the door each night in February leading up to Valentine's Day. The kids LOVE waking up to see the newly-added message each day!

    Valentine Movie Night

    Kelly R.:  Snuggle up with some sweet treats and watch a fun family movie about love or friendship. Lady and the Tramp, The Princess Bride, and Gnomeo and Juliet are all fun family movie night picks for Valentine's Day!

    Pancake Heart Breakfast

    All ages

    Shila:  Anything heart-shaped for breakfast can really start off Valentine's Day well. It's simple enough to drop heart-shaped pancakes on the skillet using a ladle - and they don't need to be perfect to hit the spot. Throw down some pink and red sprinkles, too!

    Enjoy Valentine's Day Chocolate Candy Boxes

    All ages

    Shila:  Special occasions in my family are almost always marked with special desserts - and for Valentine's Day, we recommend chocolate candy boxes! There's no better excuse of a day to purchase that sampler box of chocolates and nibble on different bite-sized surprises throughout the day.

    Scratch-off Instant Lottery Tickets

    All ages (adult required to purchase)

    Shila:  We like to pick up scratch-off instant lottery tickets and gift them to our kids throughout the year - and hallmark holidays are usually one of those occasions. It's such a treat for the kids to grab a coin and scratch to match a winning pattern! It's only a dollar or two to play a hand in "Lucky In Love" and it's such a fun Valentine's Day idea for kids.

    Pack a Special Dessert for School

    All ages

    Shila:  On Valentine's Day, pack a special school dessert with a note that says "you're sweet!" Or, just leave a lovely post-it note in their lunch box that says the same. These are super simple, yet incredibly memorable and meaningful ways to show your kids love.

    Read Valentine's Day Books

    Shila:  To celebrate at home, I like to check-out a handful of Valentine's Day books from the library for my kids to browse and enjoy throughout the day. They are fun to read aloud and we enjoy capturing a wide variety of stories that express love. They make good Valentine's day gifts for kids, too!

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