Parents are organizing a list of storage ideas for toys and clever product solutions for keeping kids' stuff orderly around the house - including clothes, sports gear, art supplies, playroom ideas, and more. Check out what parents are raving about here!

From keeping library books in one iron-clad place to never stepping on another Lego again, this type-A list is becoming one of the most helpful resources for young families!

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    Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

    Shila:  This brilliant bean bag chair is stuffed with stuffies! Just throw your soft toys in and zip-it-up for a unique (and comfortable!) storage idea for plush toys.

    Toy Hammock

    Shila:  Neatly store stuffed animals with these toy organizers for kids. Hang these hammocks above the bed or in any corner of the room. These type of storage ideas for toys and kids gear up to help keep floor space clutter free!

    Hanging Shoes Organizer

    Shila:  Parents will tell you that hanging shoe organizers aren't just for shoes, they also act as awesome toy organizers for kids! Use each compartment as needed and shut the closet door to keep them out of sight. These products are super affordable storage ideas, too.

    Melissa & Doug Multi-Fit Wire Puzzle Rack

    Shila:  Take puzzle organization out of drawers or bins where puzzle pieces get tossed around and misplaced. I love this wire puzzle rack from Melissa & Doug for a clean and stackable puzzle storage option. It holds 12 board puzzles.

    Ball Organizer

    Shila:  Storing sphere-shaped balls in a box or bin is never ideal. This sports organizer keeps balls on a rack and has buckets for bats, rackets, helmets, etc., to be stored in one convenient place for the family. Use it in the garage, basement, or playroom. It comes with wheels for easy around-the-yard play, too.

    Mesh Pool Bag

    Shila:  Beyond the bulky beach bag, this is a great pool backpack for kids to be organized. Use it for swim lessons, the pool, or a fun day at the waterpark. It includes wet and dry storage compartments for swim attire, towels, goggles, flip flops, sunscreen, and more.

    Rotating Floor-Standing Bookshelf

    Shila:  Wise parents designate a special place for their library books because we know that books get lost all too easily! It can be challenging to isolate a library's borrowed books from books you own at home, and the mix-ups can have us turning over mattresses to find who's who.

    Check out this rotating bookshelf for kids as a way to organize these items. Design-wise, the shelf mimics what they have at libraries too (especially in the picture books section). Tell your family that library books go here - and only here!

    Nail Polish Organizer

    Shila:  Just like at the salon, these multi-tiered nail polish racks can store dozens of bottles at home too. The acrylic rack can be placed under the sink, or on a desk or dresser as a neat bedroom display. I think this is a cool gift for tweens or teens, paired with more kid-friendly nail polish of course!

    Headphone Stand

    Shila:  This sleek headphone stand is ideal for all ages, but especially tweens and teens who benefit from multiple charging stations in one place. As kids get more into gaming and virtual hangouts, having organization for cords, wires, and other expensive electronics become important.

    Creative QT SlideAway Toy Storage Basket and Play Mat

    Shila:  The universe has created one of the best toy organizers for kids by developing a mess-free solution to playing with Legos and other small tinker toys! A two-in-one-deal, this storage unit's lid transforms into an actual play mat too. This means that fewer pieces find themselves lost on the floor or wedged in the carpet.

    When playtime is over, the mat easily funnels all the toys back into the bag for safe keeping.

    Check out even more Lego storage solutions parents swear by!

    Toy Storage Organizer and Display Case

    Shila:  When kids are into collecting, whether it be a fun hobby or for the latest toy trend, first-rate storage ideas are key. These toy organizers for kids hold and display many small collections, and are great "briefcases" to take on-the-go while playing at friends' houses, too. Be sure to check the dimensions of the case to ensure size compatibility with whatever figurines you wish to store (i.e., Legos, LOL Dolls, Shopkins, Calico Critters, Hatchimals, etc.).

    Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer

    Shila:  These multipurpose bins on wheels act as awesome storage ideas for toys; imagine each bin holding something new. I would recommend using it as a creative station: crayons in one, markers in another, colored pencils, gel pens, rubber stamps, etc.

    Pegboard Wall Storage Panels

    Shila:  Jewelry boxes are fine, but don't underestimate how many pieces easily get tangled up one confined space. To reduce those knotted-headaches, try arranging your child's jewelry on a wall pegboard instead. Each charmed necklace, friendship bracelet, scrunchie, etc., gets displayed on their own hook. It's a cute décor idea, too!

    Dress Up Storage Rack

    Shila:  Parents often invest in a wardrobe rack for costumes - and for good reason too! Year after year, toddlers and kids seem to accumulate more and more dress-up clothes. From Halloween to dance recital get-ups, organize all your accessories and rack them in sight. Kids will always know to return here for imaginative play!

    Wooden Coat Locker

    Shila:  These 4-foot high cubby lockers are for designed school and home use! The storage shelves and hooks are perfect for backpacks, lunch boxes, computer bags, uniforms, etc. Depending on your home layout, this storage unit can be placed in your hallway, mudroom, garage, even a bedroom. They are paintable, too!

    Toy Storage Organizer with Plastic Bins

    Shila:  This storage unit is one of the best toy organizers for kids, so much that it's often found in preschools and daycares too. Its bins are open faced and angled for easy viewing, which can ignite collaborate play that much faster. The bins can be placed on the floor, too. In addition, when it comes to clean up, kids are pretty willing to just throw toys back into its designated bin as if it's a game of bean bag toss!

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