Do you have a special place for library books?

I love coming home from the library with armloads of books. I'm less fond of searching all over the house for them when its time to take them back. Do you make your kids keep library books in a special place?

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  •   -   11/26/2018

    Yes, in a perfect world the library books would actually stay in their special spot. We used to joke that the library would name a new wing after our family because we've lost our fair share of books and kids DVDs.

    •   -   11/26/2018

      Exactly!! After going through all the trouble of carving out a special bin for library books, it would be nice to see it used more regularly! :) :) :)

  •   -   11/26/2018

    What a timely question after we just spent all weekend searching for a missing library book! I can keep them contained in my younger son's room, as we usually only read before bed, but my older son carries them all over the house!

    •   -   12/30/2018

      My daughter also like to carry them around, which makes it hard to come up with a single place to keep them. I feel like I need a dedicated bin for every room.

  •   -   02/08/2022

    There's not a special place, but there is a special bag - one for each child. That bag remains beside the bed for bedtime stories. The kids do not go to bed until their books are safely stowed in their bag.

  •   -   11/27/2018

    I recently dedicated a specific shelf in our family room for books, and I even made a little folder to hold the receipt we get from the library. That way, the kids can help hunt down the books that inevitably escape from the shelf every week!

  •   -   11/26/2018

    We have a bin/basket type container from Five Below where we keep all our library books. We take them out to read but I do put them back. The kids know where they are to be able to look through and they don't get lost. Otherwise they would be everywhere and I would be paying lost fines on a regular basis!

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