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52 Kids Party Favor Ideas You Won't Trash

Melissa & Doug Water Wow

Mess-free, reusable coloring book that uses only water to create bright, colorful pictures. Just fill the magic pen with water, and your child will be off and coloring! Once it dries, the colors disappear and the page is ready to be colored again.

Love these! Just be sure to empty out the pen before storing. The water will leak onto the pages and leave them a bit warped.
I have a two year old who loves this and is fascinated with refilling the pen.
These are fantastic. The water pen, as my younger boy calls it, makes writing more fun for the kids. The pages dry quickly enough that you can pass books back and forth without a hassle.
Just ordered these on Amazon for a plane trip next week. I can't wait, I know my daughter is going to love them!
Love this idea as well as the suggestion for a car activity....I'm always looking for something to keep my daughter occupied in the car.
My kids loved these water books when they were younger.
We 💜 water wows. I love that I can let my 4 year old play and I don’t have to watch him like a hawk in fear of him getting marker on the carpet or himself!

These are great activities for car trips, dentist waiting rooms, etc.

Little kids love doodling on these little activity pads! They are clean, easy to use and great for in the car. The best part is, they are reusable!

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