Here are Chicago's best escape rooms for kids! Let's put a spin on family game night! While safely "locked" in a themed room, participants use sleuthing skills to complete a series of puzzles and intricate riddles to escape their way out. This is an exhilarating 1-hour adventure that requires the family to utilize their quick wits and work as a team!

    Escape Factor Forest Park

     (740.7 mi)

    Starting at $99.97 for 2 players

    Age 6+

    Alexandra F.:  All the rooms at this escape room in Forest Park are private, with various challenges accommodating up to 10 players at a time, including a vintage game show set, a treehouse, and a spooky graveyard. Families are welcome and kids ages six and up can participate, though game difficulty makes them most appropriate for ages 10 and up. Rooms with kids ages 6-14 must have one paid adult for every 3 kids.

    No Escape Room

     (757.8 mi)

    Starting at $64 per group

    Age 10+

    Sarah D.:  No Escape offers challenging, interactive puzzle games in the form of rooms - with only one hour to escape! But don't let the name fool you, the experience is far from scary - it's an intellectual challenge for your child to use their wit and problem-solving skills to escape the room; there is nothing that "pops out" at you. This is a chance to have fun with the whole family! Escape room birthday parties are available, too. As part of the clues, they can even hide a birthday gift or two.

    Mastermind Escape Games

     (760.5 mi)


    Sarah D.:  If your child likes puzzles and gaming, this new phenomenon might be right for them. Participants are given a mission with 60 minutes to "solve" the room - to escape! Mastermind is a national company committed to innovating thoughtful escape concepts to challenge your little gamer like Sorcerer's Secret, Bank Heist, Lost In Time, and Outbreak: Find The Cure. Themes can rotate and vary in difficulty, but Mastermind can help your family members enjoy an age-appropriate challenge. You can also watch a preview of each online.

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