A baby food maker can make it easier to serve your own healthy homemade baby food recipes, but which one is right for your family?

We're sharing parent reviews on the best baby food makers, to help you decide what's really worth it! From fancy all-in-one baby food blender systems to simple and straightforward mashers, there are options to suit every kitchen and budget.

Parents, how did you make homemade baby food? Share your real-life baby food maker reviews below. We also have a list to share your thoughts on your favorite baby food storage accessories!

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    BEABA Babycook

    Vanessa M.:  This miracle baby food maker is a steamer, blender, warmer, and defroster all in one. BEABA Babycook quickly steams almost 5 cups of fresh vegetables, fruits or meat in 15 minutes or less, then blends them into purees or chunky baby foods in the same container. It can reheat and defrost baby food in a jiffy as well.

    NutriBullet Baby

    Vanessa M.:  NutriBullet Baby has everything you need to make baby food making a cinch. Make a big batch of pureed baby food, freeze some in the included silicone freezer mold, and store the rest in the included jars. The storage jars have a special date-dial on the lids so you can know how fresh your baby food is.

    NUK Mash & Serve Bowl

    Kelly R.:  This all-in-one baby food maker tool is great for mashing fruits, vegetables, and other soft or cooked foods so they're safe for baby to enjoy but retain a little texture. It's a great way to easily prepare food for baby when you're short on time or during the early stages of baby-led weaning. It also allows baby to enjoy the foods that the rest of the family is eating, no recipe needed!


    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  The Vitamix is a little pricier than other options but it is amazing for making smooth and healthy baby food. They offer a range of items to suit the space in your kitchen and your needs. As a bonus, this high powered machine can make all sorts of foods for the whole family, and it is self cleaning! Check out the site for baby food recipes and other tips.

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