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We built Upparent with a vision of the internet as it should be: a collaborative and helpful space where parents can easily share recommendations with each other about things their families have loved, organized in a way that makes them easy to discover.

This isn’t yet another blog or publisher serving up Top 20 lists for clicks, regurgitating the same content you'll get from ChatGPT. Instead, we've focused on building a platform that makes it easy for regular parents to share their own experience with kid-friendly places, activities, recipes, books, toys and more - just as we naturally do when we’re together in real life! That way, all of us can more easily discover new things to try with our families.

Any parent - including you - can contribute to our crowd-sourced lists, so they reflect the varied interests of the community. Simply tap on the heart to show that you "like" something, on the "Add review/tip" button to share your experience with a recommendation, or on the "+" button to suggest a new addition for the list.

Every review, recommendation, tip or “like” you add helps other parents discover something new. 

To get the most out of Upparent:

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3. Chime in!

When you browse the site, please chime in when you can - it should only take a minute! Remember, we’re all just regular parents, not bloggers or professional writers. Your own experience is what other parents are most interested in hearing, so please consider sharing a quick sentence or two when you have an idea or experience to share.

We offer frequent giveaways - including a top contributor program - as a thank you to those who make thoughtful contributions to the site, so adding your recommendations and reviews will not only help your fellow parents, but also give you a chance to win some cool prizes! 

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