As a child, we would travel to Boston to see my aunt, uncle and cousins. My aunt and uncle would always do stocking stuffers for the adults too. I thought this was so cool as a kid that Santa would fill the adults' stockings too. I have carried on this tradition with my own family.

What do you do? Does everyone get their stocking filled on Christmas?

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  •   -   11/26/2018

    My kids love getting stocking gifts. I try really hard not to spend too much and give them smaller less expensive items, some of which I would buy anyway (toothbrushes, socks and Chapstick), small toys, plus fruit and a candy cane.

  •   -   11/27/2018

    When we have Christmas with my extended family, we've always done stockings for the entire family. A couple of years ago, my mother and aunts decided we'd only do it for the youngest generation going forward. I've continued to put a few things in a stocking for my husband and I though, because we have gorgeous handmade stockings and I like the idea of all of us having stockings. Our gifts are things like spatulas and phone chargers though!

    •   -   11/29/2018

      We give each other batteries for all the kids' new toys. I like practical gifts!

      •   -   11/30/2018

        That's an excellent idea! Socks every year too ;)

  •   -   11/27/2018

    So we do kind of both. When we exchange family gifts (usually the night before Christmas), my husband and I give each other stocking stuffers and the kids get them from us too. Then on Christmas morning Santa just fills the kids.

  •   -   11/27/2018

    I just do stockings for the kids. As others have said, I put in small inexpensive items, most of which I would get them anyway. I like to top the stocking with a package of new underwear, which reminds them of the kid in The Polar Express who got underwear. It cracks them up that Santa would bring anyone underwear!

    •   -   11/27/2018

      We read a picture book last year and the kid got underwear for his birthday present. My kids were in hysterics that underwear was his gift. I have to get that book again, it was really funny.

    •   -   11/27/2018

      Lol! That' hilarious!

  •   -   11/27/2018

    We do stocking stuffers for everyone in our immediate family and we also do them for my parents and sister. It's actually one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

  •   -   11/28/2018

    I always do stockings for my kids, but I've also been doing one for my husband the past couple years. He's a big kid anyway!

  •   -   12/07/2018

    I love to do stocking stuffers for every member in my family, grandma and grandpa included!

    •   -   12/07/2018

      Yep we do them for the granparents too!

  •   -   12/24/2018

    We love doing stockings after all the other presents have been opened! It's always a nice surprise- because somehow every year I forget about them!

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