Whether you finish packing on your way out the door or have it all set weeks in advance, there's nothing like getting the hospital bag ready to make you feel like baby is really on his way. Hospital bag checklists are filled with endless ideas for things to include, but do you really need all of that?Let's go beyond the basics and talk about the unique and unusual items that made your hospital stay and the first few days with baby a bit more comfortable.

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  •   -   04/08/2019

    Disposable toothbrush: a toothbrush I'm willing to use for a couple nights then throw away at the hospital before I return home.

    •   -   04/08/2019

      Great idea. Fewer hospital germs to carry home with you.

  •   -   04/05/2019

    A lightweight robe. Cozy and comfortable, presentable enough for wearing around the hospital, and easy nursing access.

  •   -   04/11/2019

    Cozy socks

  •   -   05/24/2019

    Warm socks and a sweatshirt. I found the hospital chilly or maybe it was just adjusting to hormones going crazy from just having a baby.

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