What non-electronic ideas do you have for filling summer downtime?

Summer for me is full of different schedules and camps. Which means while one of my children is in camp, another child may not have plans. This has turned into tuning into their iPad. So I need some ideas of how to fill summer downtime for kids without the iPad or TV or some other electronic device!

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  •   -   07/01/2019

    Reading! My kids love reading so fortunately it's an easy sell, though the right book can make all the difference! Audiobooks are a nice option for reluctant readers, too. Here are some great ones: upparent.com

    •   -   07/01/2019

      Thanks for the audiobooks idea! I didn't think of that!

  •   -   07/08/2019

    We're using a simple daily checklist for our kids to help spend their time at home a little more productively this summer. They need to spend a certain amount of time each day reading, practicing piano, completing workbook pages, walking the dog, etc. With me working from home, it's a nice way for them to have some ownership over their time, and they know that certain things need to be accomplished before the screens can go on.

  •   -   08/06/2019

    Print out your summer photos, and have your child(ren) be in charge of putting those photos in albums. (Or sort photo boxes, etc.)

    •   -   08/06/2019

      Good idea! I just need to actually print them! I am behind on that part!

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