What is a good baby shower gift when you do not know the baby's gender?

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  •   -   04/22/2019

    I discovered Zutano booties with my third a couple of years ago, and I love them so much they are now my go-to baby shower gift. They also come in plenty of neutral colors for boys and girls.

  •   -   04/18/2019

    In addition to something from the registry (which is always my preference!), I'd suggest giving a couple of your favorite children's books.

  •   -   06/25/2019

    Assuming no access to the baby registry (or perhaps all the good stuff has been taken!), I enjoyed receiving a foldable outdoor/water resistant blanket. It encouraged us to be outside!

    •   -   06/25/2019

      What a great and unique idea! I had never thought of buying one, but my mom left one for us once and we have gotten SO MUCH use out of it...and like you say, it has definitely encouraged us to spend more time outside!

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