Morning sickness. Ugh!! Of all the many (many) uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, this is by far my least favorite, especially since it lingers all day long and for weeks on end! I tend to combat it by eating all day long, but would love to have a few more tricks up my sleeve and see if I can't keep this early pregnancy weight gain to more reasonable levels! Short of medication, what morning sickness remedies, tricks or strategies helped you get through those first months of pregnancy?

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  •   -   05/24/2019

    Ugh I was so sick for all three the first three months. Plain crackers, ginger ale, lots of water.

    •   -   05/26/2019

      I kept sleeves of Ritz and Saltines near me at all times during those early months. Nibbling all day on those throughout the day definitely helped ease the nausea.

  •   -   05/23/2019

    I tried Sea-Bands for pregnancy nausea (which for me didn't really seem to be limited to the morning!) and they seemed to help a little.

    •   -   05/23/2019

      I've wondered about those, will have to check them out!! Really, even the hope of some relief is enough at this point!

  •   -   05/23/2019

    Ginger can help. I did fresh ginger tea - thinly sliced ginger in boiling water with a little honey. But you could also try a good ginger ale, ginger candy, or even ginger essential oil for aromatherapy.

    •   -   05/23/2019

      I'd never considered making my own ginger tea - thanks for the tip! I did just discover some ginger chews at Trader Joes that seem promising, though!

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