Those pregnancy hormones can really throw our bodies for a loop. One minute its life as usual, and the next minute you think you may die if you don't get your hands on a plate of French fries smothered with cheese and gravy (er, talking about a *cough* friend). Tell us what your baby made you crave!

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  •   -   03/01/2018

    I'm not proud of this but I think I ate a Totino's Pizza every day for 30 days. And I kept going back to buy more at 7/11! I passed the store everyday and couldn't resist that flaky crust.

    •   -   03/02/2018

      Pregnancy does weird things to your body and mind! No judgement here!

  •   -   03/01/2018

    I craved pizza too with my first boy, and I was told expecting moms crave salty food when pregnant with boys however couldn't stop eating ice cream with my second boy!

  •   -   03/02/2018

    Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream! Loved the cold, sweet taste especially during the heartburn stage!

  •   -   03/02/2018

    I had various cravings throughout but the most consistent one from start to finish with both pregnancies was chocolate milk. I could not get enough. I drank a HUGE glass of chocolate milk every morning.

    •   -   03/02/2018

      I completely forgot that I did this too! But it had to be Nestle Quik, and was always at 3 am! It tasted AMAZING. I tried some a few weeks after giving birth, and it was back to just being "meh".

  •   -   03/02/2018

    I had the stereotypical cravings - citrus, sweets with my girl and salty, savory with my boy. My strangest had to be bologna on white bread with mustard sandwich....I "had" to have them...and I hadn't touched bologna since elementary school :)

  •   -   03/07/2018

    I knew I was pregnant with my second child when I got an intense craving for a grilled cheese sandwich when I was in bed at 11PM. For the record, my husband got up and made me one - he's a keeper.

  •   -   03/10/2018

    I ate EVERYTHING. Although pregnant with boys, I couldn't get enough ice cream, chocolate milk or donuts.... but I also ate Einstein Bagels daily- specifically a toasted everything bagel with extra cream cheese, cucumbers and sprouts. Cream cheese is dairy, right?

  •   -   05/21/2018

    All I wanted was potatoes! Starch all the way, baby! I could have eaten mashed potatoes or fries every day for the whole pregnancy!

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