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  •   -   03/10/2018

    We usually take one, one-week vacation a year. However, we will take a long weekend some place close to home once in awhile too.

  •   -   03/16/2018

    I'm being a bit optimistic here with my 3 or more vacations per year. This was definitely my answer with my own family growing up and we kept that up through 2 kids, but admittedly have stalled after having a third. They're certainly not all lavish, but we usually go away for 3-4 weeks a year and hope to keep that up. My husband's German and Germans travel every chance they can get (and know how to do it on a strict budget too!)

  •   -   08/18/2018

    My husband and I have never been on a vacation in 7 years of marriage. We have family that lives far away, so all of our vacation time and money is spent on travel to visit them each year. Maybe some would call that a vacation, but it's definitely not the same as going somewhere just for fun! Looking forward to the day we can go somewhere new.

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