What babyproofing tips do you have for new parents?

There's no doubt that babyproofing your home is an important way to keep your little one safe, but it took me a couple of kids before I realized it doesn't have to be a stressful process, either!

While some babyproofing tips might be obvious, I've also picked up some easy & creative ideas from friends I just hadn't thought about, and figured out (through trial & error!) which babyproofing products work well and are worth getting.

What babyproofing tips or awesome products have you discovered over the years? Share below to help new parents figure out how to babyproof their house, too!

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  •   -   07/13/2022

    I discovered that a heavyweight hairband looped around both door handles was just as effective (if not more!) at keeping my cabinet doors shut than those cabinet latches made specifically for baby proofing. Plus, they were way easier (and less annoying) for me to take on and off, making it more likely that I'd always keep it on. This only works on certain handles, though, like pull bars and knobs.

    •   -   07/13/2022

      Genius! We never installed those latches because they're so annoying, but I totally would have done this when I had little ones.

  •   -   07/13/2022

    Sturdy stair guards at the top and bottom of the staircase are a must once baby starts moving around!

  •   -   07/13/2022

    I am not a fan of the plastic plug in outlet protectors. Thankfully, most of our outlets were not accessible to our young kids (who also never showed any interest in them), but the plugs were pretty easy to remove and then posed a choking hazard once they were loose. I much preferred the outlet covers that go over the entire outlet, as it was still easy for adults to use the outlet while keeping the opening covered from curious little hands.

  •   -   07/27/2022

    If you have thick runner-type rugs for hallways or entryways, they can also serves as great padding for edges on shorter bookshelves, tables and fireplaces. Just put the rug on top like a tablecloth, and let it hang over the edges. Certain rugs work especially well for this, like those faux-fur ones that are super soft and fluffy.

  •   -   07/13/2022

    Corner guards have been pretty essential with all of my kids, especially once they begin moving around on their own. Unfortunately, I haven't found any that will stick super well (though some are better than others!), and have always had to reinforce with duct tape. Not pretty, but effective!

    •   -   07/13/2022

      Jool corner guards have been my favorites so far. I got them at Target and they were well priced, effective, and look nicer than the huge foam guards from Safety 1st (which never seemed to stick for longer than a day or few!)

  •   -   06/04/2024

    Babyproofing the home is essential for new parents, involving securing furniture, covering sharp edges, installing safety gates, using childproof locks, and covering electrical outlets. It's also crucial to remove choking hazards, supervise closely, and stay informed about potential hazards as the baby grows.For more tips and support,Visit Mama Adoptation Keep up the great work!

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