Families move for a number of reasons and while moving is difficult, it can be even more of a challenge with kids. I have moved twice since having kids and I am curious if other families have moved also.

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  •   -   02/03/2019

    We moved once with our kids when they were almost 2 and 4. Since they were so young it really wasn't too hard of a transition and we even kept our older son in his same preschool since we didn't move too far away. It was nice though that we were living in our current town when both kids started kindergarten and making local friends.

  •   -   02/03/2019

    We moved once with the kids, who were 4 and 6 at the time. They've handled the transition very well, though my older son was more upset about it than I expected. He still misses our old town and house but he loves the new school and friends so it's working out well.

  •   -   02/04/2019

    Not yet, but we'll have a move coming soon- we're growing out of our space! That said, I moved all around the country as a kid, with 5 moves before I was 7 years old. So a move doesn't scare me too much!

  •   -   02/03/2019

    Four houses, three states, three moves before age three, not counting two extended stays with family.

  •   -   02/06/2019

    We have moved one time in the same town when our kids were 4.5, 2.5 and 7 months. When baby #3 came along, we quickly grew out of our old house. After the move I told my husband we are never moving again (ha)! So much work! It was very helpful to have my in-laws take the kids for 3 days so we could unpack and get settled in without them.

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