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  •   -   01/14/2018

    My husband and I gave our boys' first names we had heard around and liked, from nowhere in particular, but each middle name is in honor of a loved one.

  •   -   01/24/2018

    We used baby books to get ideas then compiled a list of names. We wanted to wait until we saw our kids to give them names. My husband and I had a hard time agreeing, but think each of our kids names fits them perfectly now. Middles names are after family members.

    •   -   04/23/2018

      This is exactly what we did. I made lists from BabyCenter name lists (and some names I just knew I liked), and then had my husband pick names he also liked. I always checked the name lists, because I didn't want a name that was too common, though the year after my first son was born, his name rocketed up and is now more popular than I would like! Middle names are family names.

  •   -   02/01/2018

    We used my husband's initials, but beyond that our only criteria was that we didn't associate the name with anyone else. That was tricky! I figured most people consulted baby name books, so these poll results are interesting!

  •   -   03/04/2018

    We wanted a biblical first name for our little blessings and middle names after grandparents and great grandparents.

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