I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed one of my daughter's friends does a summer bucket list. Basically, she is one of four siblings and the mom gets a poster board every summer. Then every family member can write whatever they want on the poster. The family then tries to hit as many "bucket list" items as they can before the school year starts. Plus, they keep track from year to year as to how many they were able to check off!

So whether formal or informal, does your family have a summer bucket list?

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  •   -   06/03/2018

    We have things we want to do but it's not what I would consider a bucket list. Maybe when my kids are older we'll be more organized and focused but for right now I'm happy with playing it by ear.

  •   -   06/05/2018

    I did this with my kids for each season when I worked as a nanny, and they loved being able to check out the list when we had no set plans for the day! We always included some ordinary activities (making certain seasonal recipes, spending time outside doing specific activities, etc.) along with bigger things like trips to the local amusement park. Just having it written down made it more fun — and it really wasn’t complicated or reserved for Pinterest-Perfect Parents :)

  •   -   06/04/2018

    Sort of. I love our Splash Pad and Best Playground lists, so we're eager to conquer many of those spots. The kids also have summer goals: ride a 2-wheeler, learn cursive, and master the cartwheel are a few fun examples.

  •   -   06/04/2018

    We are very adventurous during the summer but no list, so to speak. Love the poster board idea. I might have to steal this.

  •   -   06/04/2018

    I always see such cute ideas for this on Pinterest and think to myself, this summer, we are going to do this...of course, it never seems to happen. We tend to plan activities more spur of the moment but think implementing a bucket list would help make sure we get more special activities in.

  •   -   06/07/2018

    It's for me as much as it's for the kids! I want to make sure we squeeze in all the fun "summer only" activities like the drive-in movies and splash pads. Plus, it's a great reference on lazy days when we're looking for something to do.

  •   -   06/06/2018

    We don't have a bucket list yet, but it sounds so fun, I think we'll start one!

  •   -   08/22/2018

    Every summer I try to plan an array of activities for the kids that everyone will love. One of our favorite things to do is have a staycation! Since we live in the DFW area we start there to make things easy and fun. DFW offers so many great things to do so we make a few days or week out of it and go places we have always wanted to visit! We love going to resorts like Great Wolf lodge or hitting up new local parks and spas! Find out some of the other reasons we love DFW for our summer staycations now: momalwaysknows.com

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